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Our distribution centre is subdivided into multiple sections. This is done to prevent cross-contamination. One section has compartments varying in size from 625-1100 square metres for the storage and transfer of ADR goods. Another – completely separated – section for the handling of food and feed related products, primarily food and food additives. And multiple sections for the storage and transfer of non-ADR classified goods.

The compartments for ADR goods satisfy the most recent legal requirements with respect to the environment, fire safety and labour conditions. With this, we guarantee the highest level of protection achievable – namely, level 1 of the PGS 15 guideline.

Loodet B.V. is authorised to store the following ADR classes in packaging groups II and III, as long as the products can be extinguished with water.

  Class Description
4.1 Flammable solid substances
4.2 For substances liable to spontaneous combustion
5.1 Oxidising substances
6.1 Toxic substances
8 Corrosive substances
  9 Various hazardous substances and objects
MP Environmentally Hazardous
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