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Years of experience combined with an excellently equipped operation make us an optimum freight forwarding partner. For example, on our own grounds we have a terminal tractor, a container frame for transporting 20 foot and 40 foot containers, silo trailers for transporting dry bulk substances (feed and non-ADR classified goods), volume freight with curtain side trailers and an extensive fleet with electric forklifts, pallet wagons and telescopic loaders, among others.

Our extensive facilities also include our own weigh scales for weighing trucks up to 60 tonnes. The weigh scales are inspected periodically to conform with the calibration law. Partner companies and third-party transport companies may also make use of our weigh scales upon request.

Finally, to optimise our provision of service, we have a modern, fully automated inventory management system – developed in-house – that satisfies all legal requirements, of course.

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